Deborah M. Burd

Deb is the Director of Grants Administration for Covenant Health of Tewksbury, MA. Deb is tasked with providing system-wide strategy for three acute care facilities (two in ME), consultation, facility on-site coordination, and support and compliance oversight. She is a founding member of the Maine Women’s Agricultural Network and GrowSmart Maine and has formerly served as a trustee of the Natural Resources Council of Maine, on the board of CEI, the Spannocchia Foundation, the Good Food Council of Lewiston Auburn, and the Center for Wisdom’s Women. Currently, Deb sits on the board of the Maine Women’s Lobby. She worked previously as the Executive Director of the Maine based Western Mountains Alliance and as the Executive Director of the New York based National Campaign for Sustainable Agriculture. Deb lives in Lewiston and is a graduate of the University of Maine with a background in education.