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Missy North-Drain

SNAP-Ed Nutrition Educator

Missy holds a BS in Food & Nutrition & a Minor in Sociology from Framingham State University.  Currently at Healthy Androscoggin, Missy teaches community members how to shop, cook and eat healthy on a budget.  She also partners with local organizations to establish and update their wellness policies and environment.  Prior to joining Healthy Androscoggin, Missy led a corporate worksite wellness program and provided one-on-one health coaching to employees.  Missy also has many years of foodservice management experience.

Outside of her day job at Healthy Androscoggin, Missy loves cooking and entertaining for family and friends.  Her gatherings are filled with wholesome food, music, games and plenty of laughter. 

Missy believes most of the health issues people are suffering with today are related to nutrition and our food system.  Dealing with many health issues herself, Missy learned first-hand, the power of food to heal.  The knowledge she gained from that journey fuels her passion to work with the community to improve their health.