Healthy Androscoggin’s Values

Community Commitment – We strive to meet the community health needs of the residents we serve by tailoring our approach to local needs, assets and other conditions. We use national evidence of effective approaches, whenever possible, while recognizing that public health interventions are most successful when developed through shared decision making while being respectful of and responsive to local factors.  

Partnership and Collaboration – We solve complex health issues and make the best use of our community assets, Healthy Androscoggin recognizes that partnership and collaboration are essential. We commit to engaging a variety of individuals and organizations in the work. Through the partnership process we also seek to build the capacity and skills of individual community members and local organizations. 

Inclusion and Diversity –We are committed to meeting the health needs of our entire community, regardless of: race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, identity, income, background, etc. We value diverse perspectives and experiences which strengthen the work we do and help us achieve greater health equity for all people.

Respect – We treat all community members and community partners with dignity.

Integrity – We act with honesty, appropriate transparency and adhere to high ethical standards.

Holistic View of Health – We are committed to improving and seeking balance among the mental, social, emotional, spiritual, intellectual and physical health of community members in search of improved quality of life. Additionally we create a culture of holistic health in our community and in our organizational culture.

Excellence – We select interventions based on their likelihood of having the biggest positive impact on health outcomes and quality of life for our community members. We continually assess and improve the quality and impact of our work and to ensure it remains in line with these values.

Revised 10/12/18